Sunday, August 16, 2015

New technology allows batteries of any shape from 3D printers – WinFuture

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A new battery technology is designed to enable product designers in the future, current memory in all conceivable forms to produce. Depending on requirements, the required material can be simply printed out using a similar method, as they are known by 3D printers.
Flexible battery designs from the 3D printers battery prototypes
So far, the variety of possible forms is very limited. This is because effective batteries are best produced as a lithium-ion systems, which depend on a liquid electrolyte. Solid techniques that are much more flexible, had been several serious drawbacks – especially the much shorter service life. But in the field, there was considerable progress in recent times.

“There are simply no lithium-ion batteries from solids in the market,” said Corie Cobb by the renowned research laboratory Xerox PARC. Currently leads in this technology but ultimately passed hardly a way. On South Korean research institute in Ulsan is a method now has yet found how to more durable solid-state lithium-ion batteries produce in various forms.

‘) as the electrolyte here is a material is used which is essentially composed of aluminum nanoparticles and lithium. This is in this case treated with a specific polymer that is capable of curing with ultraviolet light. As a result, can be very flexible so that batteries build and paste the desired shape in products.

The material also has the advantage that it has approximately a fluidity of ketchup before curing, explained project manager Sang-Young Lee. Thus it can be placed ideally in the form of a print head. Directly behind the nozzle then provides a UV lamp for curing. This allows, for example batteries in the 3D printing manufacture which can provide data glasses with energy in the form of a spectacle arm. Basically, the imagination knows no limits also for various other applications. Battery,  Battery, Led battery, battery, Led  >


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