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New e-bike brand BMW technology – ZEIT ONLINE

Full suspension pedelec with belt drive and BMW technology © HNF Heisenberg

With its E-Bikes have Michael Hedges and Karlheinz Nicolai made in recent years, often a sensation. Your first brand models Grace called experts the e-bike from the future. Both have gained with these wheels and the smart bike that they have developed for Daimler design awards. Recently they presented the first seven models of their new e-bike brand HNF Heisenberg ago.

The business economist hedges and the graduate engineer and frame builder Nicolai are a creative Duo, the good complements. The handwriting of the two is reflected in the design of seven HNF-Heisenberg-wheels clearly again: clear, simple, sporty, classy – and in all categories, from city bike this until full suspension e-mountain bike

. Design was also typical of the Grace-wheels and the e-bike smart. With the new brand, the two, however, intended to appeal to a wider audience. For hedges, the electric bicycle is the means of transport of the future in the city:. Fast, affordable and sustainable

 One of Grace @ Grace One of Grace © Grace

“The traffic in cities like London is a madness,” says Hedges. There, people stood with their SUVs in traffic. Hedges has nothing against cars and certainly nothing against SUVs, finally he goes even one. However, not in the city. There results in a car with several hundred horsepower no sense to him. An electric bike, the 25 or 45 km / h creates, all the more.

A Heisenberg wheel replaced motorbikes and cars at distances up to 120 kilometers, he says, and any cost to less than one euro per 100 kilometers. “A kilowatt hour of electricity from the power outlet in Germany costs about 25 cents. That’s enough with a HNF Heisenberg, depending on driving style and topography, for 200 to 300 kilometers. This makes for a distance of 100 kilometers about 10 cents, plus 50 cents wear costs at Charging the batteries – a total of less than one euro, “expects hedges before

 touring & # xA9; Heisenberg touring © HNF Heisenberg

Engine support while cycling alone is often not sufficient to move people to change planes. The design of the wheels must address, the technology must surprise newcomers. Meanwhile, the motors and batteries are fully developed, and in their Heisenberg combine hedges and Nicolai quality and proven components.

But it was not enough to them, eventually the two were often pioneering. In her XF1 S-pedelec Fully why they built a new one on the rear wheel drive rocker. The so-called propulsion unit rotating technique was developed by BMW Forschung und Technik, a subsidiary of the BMW Group.

 & # xA9; Heisenberg © HNF Heisenberg

Full suspension e-mountain bikes, there are of course already. The novelty of BMW principle explain the makers so: It lets the fixed to the main frame previously fixed powertrain resonate and the first time enables the combination of a rear suspension with the durable, maintenance-free carbon belt drive at full suspension e-bikes. On the Euro bike in two weeks in Friedrichshafen present hedges and Nicolai its wheels.

It is also interesting the service they provide customers. They provide the wheels assembled home. Even handlebars and pedals are in the correct position. “We deliver within 48 hours of your order,” says Hedges. Are there problems with the bike, get past an employee and fix it

In the bicycle industry which is uncommon – for hedges and Nicolai it goes without saying, because it corresponds to the zeitgeist:. User-friendly and self-explanatory. With the smartphone technology consumers have developed a new expectation, which must satisfy the bicycle industry, finds hedges. However, he expects a few service issues: Wheels with components like Rohloff hub and belt drive to ensure durability and high quality

 unisex city bike & # xA9; Heisenberg Unisex Stadtrad © HNF Heisenberg

The first exhibition skating of the wheels on the Euro Bike will show how they arrive at the customer.


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