Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cold Plasma: New technology can heal wounds – THE WORLD

solid, liquid and gaseous are the three most famous state forms of matter. But there is a fourth. This occurs at even higher temperatures and is referred to as plasma.

This state of matter is distinguished by the fact that the atoms are ionized, ie, have lost electrons. A plasma is thus a mixture of positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. A prominent example of a plasma is a lightning bolt, in which the electrical current flows through a plasma. The Sun is a plasma.

In general, plasmas are very hot. But physicists have succeeded with a few tricks to make even cold plasmas. Such plasmas can be, for example, chip bags coat or lenses of mobile phone cameras polish extremely smooth.

A tiny, cold flame impinges on the wound

In many industrial processes, cold plasmas are already used. But only recently playing cold plasmas in medicine an important role.

physicists led by Professor Klaus-Dieter Woltmann of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology in Greifswald have a special plasma source developed blank with which to treat poorly healing wounds ,

Developed by scientists in Greifswald device is just as thick as a felt marker and is somewhat reminiscent of a dentist’s drill. But at its peak, nothing turns. Rather, there stands out a needle-thin, blue luminous beam – similar to a tiny flame. This beam consisting of ionized argon gas and has a temperature of below 40 degrees Celsius.

teeth and implants with plasma cleaned

Whoever drives this “flame” on his skin, just feel a lukewarm tingling. The medical effect is not yet fully understood. What is clear is that charged particles, UV radiation, radicals and electromagnetic fields interact so skillfully that wounds could be healed by any other method before, close by a plasma treatment. The researchers believe that this addition to killing bacteria also an active stimulus to healing plays a role.

Because with larger wounds the recoating of the wound with the fine beam takes a very long time, the world’s research team has now developed an association which at the same time on a large area with many small plasma tongues can act on the skin of a patient.

World man is convinced that even the surfaces of teeth and implants with a cold plasma may be exempted from bacteria. He has already developed a correspondingly shaped plasma source. And even an endoscope as it is used in colonoscopies, the Greifswald physicists have equipped with a cold plasma source. This could be rectified directly by plasma jet at checkups any polyps in the colon.

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