Friday, August 7, 2015

Square Enix would like technology from Just Cause 3 in Final Fantasy 15 … –

Update (07/08/2015) : Obviously, it is in what Square Enix intends to implement with Avalanches technique to an airship. From a Famitsu interview (translated by Siliconera) shows exactly.

FF15 Project Hajime Tabata said: “My personal goal is to implement an airship that can fly around in a big way”

Whether that already for release or only as DLC. (or at all) will work, which is not yet known, but “I think we should implement, even if it means to publish it after download”.

“I’d like the challenge to be able to fly through the world I would live like and I’m sure the fans would that also be happy, “said Tabata

original message :.. Square Enix would like use parts of the Just-Caust-3 technology in upcoming Final Fantasy 15 as project manager Hajime Tabata told in an interview (via IGN).

Thus, one is already in discussions with Avalanches technology team in Stockholm, how cooperation between the two studios in the realm of possibility lies.

“We are talking about whether we might be able to use their unique, high quality technology [...] as an extension to improve 15 the quality of a particular part of Final Fantasy,” said Tabata. “We really think it could be something emerge very special.”

What about exactly? The verticality.

Tabata was allegedly so enthusiastic about what hiring Avalanche with Just Cause 3 in the vertical direction that he thought about it, how to enrich Final Fantasy so.

“I thought to myself: If we could take some of their technologies, some help with the would get, which they can do that, and implement in Final Fantasy 15, we could see a lot of success as to what we can do with the game “.

Yesterday hinted Tabata that FF15 to appear in the course of next year. The game was already announced at E3 2006, then under the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


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