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Technology or method – How to Micro Services (no) developed – JAXenter

A software project, so Wardley is constantly adapted to the production phase of the individual components. At the beginning of a project, then so if no one so really knows where the journey should go, anytime fast changes of direction must be possible, agile methods are most promising.

In the next phase may be the liberation of unnecessary Ballast, a robust minimum product and the development of appropriate measurement methods demand. This consolidation is therefore a clear case for Lean. When it comes to the recent stabilization measures on the way to mass production, he recommends Six Sigma as a method of choice.

“There is no one size fits all method”

Without mapping and an overview of the required project environment but an assessment of each required methods is difficult. For Wardley that is the reason why many companies rely on a one-size-fits-all solution and therefore at least remain inefficient. His conclusion:

Personally, I’d learn to map and use all the methods. Personally, I think the idea of ​​being ALL agile, ALL lean or ALL six sigma Should Die.

Antifragile architectures with Micro Services

That sounds amazing after Antifragilität thought now another IT expert and leading the strategic approach of Wardley in this direction. Russ Miles, CTO at Simplicity Itself and entrusted of careers with the provision of Micro Services, advises doing on the phase-oriented strategy of development method. Although an enabled by Micro Services Architecture antifragile would do well just in the first phase of the life cycle of a component or a Micro Service. But so are Russ points out:

in my experience it turns out did what fits best is the architectural style did buys the most Appropriate options for the full gamut of a Component / service’s life

How continue with Micro Services

Russ pleaded instead for a project start with a modular monolith which is easy to dismantle in Micro Services.?; This makes not only the launch faster, but the overhead is less. Over the ensuing consequence, Russ is clear:

I’m not getting the real benefits of the agility of micro services early on in a component / service’s Life When It Needs it most!

In order to get out of both ideas the best, he announces that Wardley maps apply to the existing Micro service technologies, in order to work towards a better Microservice-UX. On the reports of these “interesting journey” we must be very curious

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