Friday, August 7, 2015

LMBV wants to develop technology against clogging – MDR

The Lausitz and Central German Mining Management Company (LMBV) has launched a pilot project in early August at the lake at Dreiweiberner Lohsa. The mining renovators want to develop a technology for the prevention of iron spills on the shore. Simultaneously on three stretches of beach, various solutions are tested: sealing with bentonite, installation of a flow-breaking drainage layer as well as the installation of a reactive Kalkteppichs

The aim of the project was to find a solution for all shore areas, which keeps the loaded iron and sulfate-containing water of usable shore areas permanently. The solution should also be short-term effect, make do with low operating and maintenance costs, be feasible structurally at a reasonable cost and easy to monitor in their functionality.

According to the plans of LMBV exploring the experimental site should be completed in August. After that, the various possible solutions to be assessed. With the actual work could likely in the second quarter 2016 started.

Aerial view of the lake Dreiweiberner

The Dreiweiberner sea: By the beach in the left half wants the LMBV test different methods to prevent further clogging

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