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FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex – Fitness Band World novelty for swimmers with Smart … –

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Technical and electronic aids for sports and to improve health are around the globe More and more popular. At the IFA 2015 (Berlin, 4 to 9 September 2015, Hall 7.2c, Booth 110) will be presented with FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex first time an Activity Tracker for people who like to go swimming and want while improving their efficiency.

In addition to walking and running measures FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex speed while swimming, the number of tracks, the distance traveled, the calories and the number of swimming movements. This smart belt may vary independently between the different swimming styles freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

This is FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex for precise and intelligent swimming coach and makes the Stopwatch superfluous.

This is made possible by the world’s first self-developed and patented Smart Calibrate Technology®. They detected the human body in its three-dimensionality and analyzed reflexively the totality of movements during walking, running and swimming – fully and especially honest.

The intelligent Smart belt has been designed was that deliberately avoided the Lapdrücken when you hit the water’s edge (No Button product) and instead the path lengths are set in their own app under advance. In addition, it can be taken from its owner in the same operation as used self-explanatory without manual.

FREEBEE® Fit Arc® Reflex presents itself in a chic design and durable change in bands unit size particularly skin-friendly PU – the next must-have for water sports! FREEBEE® Fit Arc® is a Patent Pending product.

Smart and intelligent! FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex with Smart Calibrate Technology® comes in January 2016 to trade and EIA will cost 149.00 euros. Developed, produced and distributed is the FREEBEE® Fit Arc® reflex of the FREEBEE Europe GmbH <- sh_cad_8 ->

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