Sunday, August 23, 2015

The newly developed VLB is started – Börsenblatt

But are all import, validation and export processes, the search technology as well as the surface of the web application, the DVD and the interface REST API has been newly developed. In addition, can be uploaded to the VLB z dditional media file formats. According to the MVB is d s publishing customer a new daily updated quality report is available, which gives information about the status of its title portfolio according to the criteria of the new pricing model for free.

“After the changeover to the new VLB infrastructure there were some technical teething problems that can not be completely avoided in a project of this magnitude,” said Daniela Geyer that the project is responsible as deputy director in the product management of the MVB. Through close coordination with the software vendors and industry representatives you’ve könnnen make improvements in the short term, so that “the system is now very stable” course.

175,000 lines of code have been programmed for the new infrastructure and almost eight million product data records as well as the user profiles of more than 25,000 customers in the new system has been transferred. “For a smooth operation, we have more than 70 servers in use,” Geyer said. “Compared to the previous version of the VLB can now handle six times as many requests per second in parallel. At the same time we were able to shorten the maximum response time on.”

booksellers could fall back on stored synonyms and Corrections, the search provides a completion function and tolerate errors in the input. The new web interface VLB API, the system is also optimized for automated integration into third party systems. “With the new technical infrastructure, we have the cornerstone was laid for the further expansion of the meta database VLB +” explains Michael Vogelbacher, Head of Information Services at the MVB. “ to follow later this year further developments in the VLB, including the presentation of bundle products in accordance with the amended statutory provisions and an improved filter function within the search result list. “


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