Friday, August 14, 2015

First Bundesliga appearance for the “Hawk-Eye” –

How does Hawk-Eye?

The system is based on the use of multiple high-speed cameras that can detect the field from different angles. In every Bundesliga match 14 cameras were installed – seven for each target. These are on each side by six measuring cameras and each a high speed camera.

when the ball is near the gate, he is captured by all cameras. A software calculates in real time from different angles, the exact position of the ball -. Even if only a small part of the toy can be seen

If the ball crossed the goal line with full, the system sends immediately signals. In the next second it beeps in the ear of the referee and his watch vibrates. On the watch display the information is additionally “ Goal ” appears. The referee should then decide immediately on target. Stay the signals, there is no reason for jubilation for the attacking team. Then the ball was not in it.

How much is the Hawk-Eye?

The cost of installation, maintenance and support of technology by trained personnel amounts to 8,000 euros per home game. A Bundesliga club has per season so shell out 136,000 euros

What is the experience with the Hawk-Eye


The system has already proven itself in practice. In July 2012, Hawk-Eye was first introduced by FIFA as a test in football. Since the 2013/14 season occurs in the English Premier League is used. The “hawk-eye” celebrated in May 2015 in the DFB Cup final between Borussia Dortmund and VfL Wolfsburg in Germany Premiere.

Who has developed the Hawk-Eye?

Paul Hawkins was> developed , a British mathematician. The computerized system for tracking ball in Sport is already longer used in tennis, snooker and cricket. Meanwhile, the British company Hawk-Eye Innovations produces the technology and is thus in competition with the German company Goalcontrol, which is used by FIFA at the World Championships.

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