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This startup is working on satellite technology –

In 1957, the Soviets launched the first satellite into space. Meanwhile, over a thousand of them revolve around the Earth. They provide about the images it takes Google for its mapping service maps. But why not make use of satellite imagery for to check the status of building projects in real-time? This idea carried Building radar. The company sells its generated by computer analyzes data to companies whose products or services are required in new buildings.

Founded in the Startup 2014 Paul Indinger together with Leopold Neuerburg and Artem Ostankov. The automatic detection of new construction projects implemented Building radar by combining modern technologies such as natural language processing or machine learning. The database currently contains more than one million construction projects and more than 200,000 corporate profiles. The company is part of ImmobilienScout24 Accelerators You Is Now, has won several awards and is the winner of the European Space Agency-competition and Google competition.

Paul Indinger in brief interview with founder scene.

Paul, how did you get the idea for building radar?

I have during my studies new development projects as sales leads to the American carpet company Interface sold. The search was made in this case of up to twelve employees in China, where I have been living after high school and while studying two years. Later, I met my future co-founder Leopold Neuerburg. When I told him how difficult the search for new construction projects, we began to consider whether there are not more intelligent, technically-driven ways to overcome these shortcomings. By Leos work experience at Google he quickly had an idea: Why not develop a search algorithm similar to Google, but one that specializes in construction projects

For whom is this solution comes into question


From the floor over lighting to Shine: The manufacturers of these products and services are our customers. These companies do not wait until a customer calls you and asks for their products, but you are looking for proactive projects. You need to know when, where, what kind of building is built from whom to sell their products.

What distinguishes Building radar of existing solutions?

Unlike our competitors, we are not dependent on manpower for our data research. Instead, we rely on our satellite-assisted search algorithm. This has four major advantages: We discover new construction projects often months earlier. Our data are verified, because we verify information through live satellite images. Should not develop as planned, a new development, we recognize this immediately. And our data are intelligent. With our Big Data solution, we analyze a number of projects and companies involved. In addition, we operate thanks to the technology-based data research more cost efficient than our competitors.

How do you cope with the volume of data and the issue of image recognition?

We have lucky that our CTO, Artem Ostankov, of experience in search engine Cliqz brings and therefore knows very well to cope up with large amounts of data and flexible search. When it comes to image recognition, we work mainly with various computer vision algorithms but also experiment toward Deep learning and other innovative technologies. Here we definitely helps the support of the European Space Agency and the German Center for Aerospace.

Building radar currently sits in ImmobilienScout24 accelerator. What has the time? What comes next?

The Time Is Now for You is for us primarily because the data and the experience of ImmobilienScout24 interesting. We are working on a tool to get better access to the dynamics in existing buildings. In addition, we were able to use very good infrastructure at ImmobilienScout24 to consolidate our expertise and contacts in the German real estate scene. In general, we are a further cooperation with ImmobilienScout24 very open. Middle of next year we are aiming for a larger Series A financing.

The satellite imagery analysis could be used for other services. What sort of ideas do you work for?

The application possibilities are in fact extremely varied and we experiment a lot. The possibilities range from the recognition of road damage on surface analysis to analyzes of infrastructure and demographics of specific areas. Overall, the issue of satellite imagery is especially in conjunction with other data layers – for example, average construction time, construction costs or hotspots – that we receive through our search algorithms, extremely interesting

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