Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Agriculture and technological progress: LED technology: Optimal … – ABC Online

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A clear majority: three quarters of the Focus -Online readers rely on the latest technology like LED and indoor farming. Both could help to secure the food supply of people in the future. Skeptical show up in the current “trend survey Innovation” take you just 26 percent of respondents. They put on more modesty in order to meet the challenges.

74 per cent of participants in the current FOCUS Online Trend question are safe , power-saving technologies such as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) can also use the newly defined by the United Nations Development Goals with guarantee. By 2030, poverty and hunger are to belong to the planet of the past. An ambitious undertaking and a test for the farmers who produce that food. Still tackle the task of only a few pioneers. In its so-called indoor farms they tread new paths that could revolutionize agriculture soon. “Farming” in halls saves space, fertilizer and water. With shelves the farming method uses the space in the vertical direction several times, it optimizes the nutrient supply and thus the growth of plants. Indoor Farmer waive pesticides because their products – such as in a glass house – are protected from pests

The harvest success guarantee primarily. LED. These lights provide optimal light. With specifically selectable spectral frequencies encourage physiological processes in plants. These grow rapidly and form desired ingredients. Even the taste influences the light from the LEDs. Indoor Farmer produce mostly in former factories. In Berlin vegetable sprouts in a renovated factory building. In the world’s largest indoor farm harvest helpers above the rooftops of Brooklyn fresh food for 5,000 people. These sites offer additional environmental benefits, and the fruits sprout close to its customers. They can therefore be more mature “on the field”, which gives buyers more fresh goods, and often account for long transport distances. This in turn saves fuel, the production of food is thus climate-friendly

In Japan, the plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura perfected indoor farming with the help of technology specialists from GE . Its 10,000 heads of lettuce, which he harvests every day on the surface of half a football field, thrive under 17,000 LED: an eco-friendly mass production, because the lamps save compared to conventional light up to 80 percent energy. A year long tinkered Shimamura with GE experts, to the perfect combination of LED light was clear. The result of modern agricultural production: Shimamuras vitamin and mineral rich salad ripens two and a half times faster, the indoor farm reduces crop waste by 50 to 10 per cent and only need one percent of the water to which a farmer has his crops on the field watering usually , Indoor Farming under LED increases so that the productivity per unit area a hundred times.

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