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Tech Dinos and Internet giants: technology stocks are booming – wallstreet-online

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                 If Google changes its corporate structure, can almost take on the strength of Investorenaufregung that the entire world will be rebuilt. And now it may be that for many people Google provides a large part of their online world. For investors, there are more exciting stories.

With technology stocks can be currently playing really earn much money. Since the end of 2014 include technology values ​​the big winners, the Nasdaq composite index took old record highs targeted and more and more of the most valuable companies in the world are from the tech sector. Apple, Google, Amazon stride anticipate, pave the technological evolution the way. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are creatures of the network – and be seen as a creator of networks and celebrated. Each in its field.

The technological evolution is advancing fast, business models come and go, which is possible, will be tried. Hundreds, thousands of small start-ups around the world collect billions of investors right now believe in exactly this idea – and get rich, if it works. The evolution of the industry needs these innovators, but will make money somewhere else.

For Investors there are three segments that are interesting to see: the small, young, just listed companies that provide high gain at high risk. Then the established giants of the network. But last but not least the Dinos in the sector, which are on the market for many years, several times molted and are progressing well.

Investments in the first segment are best possible through funds or asset management companies, with which spread the risk and can especially emit Herculean task of screening and selection of titles in professional hands.

For the second segment, the Internet giants have: Facebook, Alphabet / Google, Amazon, but also Apple, Twitter or Linkedin. In particular, the business network LinkedIn has shown in recent months that it still has pent-up potential – and wants to use it consistently. Apple sold and sold and sold, the market dominance takes the face of sluggish sales at rival Samsung rather too. And Amazon has actually managed to surprise the stock market positively with figures. Maybe sets Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now but once out shareholders to satisfy instead everything earned money to put back into new businesses.

And then there are the dinosaurs of the industry: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM. All three are quite more than just a look. They have created the structures on which are based the Internet giant. You know the deal be years and decades – and they deserve money again. Tot they were never that Dinos. Today they are more alive than many fresh-sounding start-up and could be the surprises of the stock market.


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