Friday, August 14, 2015

New technology allows realistic faces in games – Gulli

The graphics in computer games is getting better and the reality comes closer with great strides. Especially landscapes are now represented almost photorealistic. But in humans, this still looks different.


Skin-stretch technology allows realistic facial animations in games


Although people and their faces look in recent games getting better with modern graphics engines, you often feel like a wax figure to face or to speak with a virtual person who is suffering from facial paralysis. This breaks easily from the illusion out of being in “another world”.


At the USC Institute of Creative Technologies and Imperial College London researchers working currently on a new technology, through which faces in computer games or CGI films in the future look even more realistic. The skin-stretch simulation is used. This effect deformed and biases the virtual skin on a face in a manner like real skin does this.


This view animations such as laughter, inflating cheeks or frown almost look like that of a real human. The skin textures are heutztage anyway very detailed, which is why the combination with pores and birthmarks and skin stretch simulation performs realistic skin textures for faces that can be distinguished at first sight hardly from those of real people. For the animations actors are used whose facial animations are transferred to the computer and transmitted through the skin stretch simulation on the animated character.


The actors should not always be used. Rather, you want to collect through them and their many facial animation so much data that you can create in the future CGI characters with realistic faces and facial animations in a simple way. The technology can represent even the aging, skin color, gender and different emotions. / Off


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