Monday, August 24, 2015

A week battery: This new technology makes the iPhone 6 Steam – AndroidPIT (blog)

Lithium-ion batteries are obviously at the end, at least they only develop at a pace that allows them to get the same maturity of approximately one day at ever faster smartphones. But the desire for more runtime is getting louder. And a small British company now want him allegedly heard.

The company Intelligent Energy, a iPhone 6 has caught and housed a fuel cell in its slim casing. In her so much energy is produced that the iPhone can be fully charged 6 five times, what will give him about a week battery life. What sounds too good to be true, it is in a certain way.

androipit smartphone battery Attack 9
Short-lived batteries can make a mad / © AndroidPIT

The slim fuel cell works as usual for the technology. It combines hydrogen and oxygen to form water and win in this reaction electrical energy And here comes the big disadvantage. To refill the hydrogen supply to either go to a treaty business or, and that is the long-term plan to replace the hydrogen cartridge It only concerns with this system. to an addition to the lithium-ion batteries, which still was used in the iPhone-based prototype.

This sounds wasteful, because these cartridges mean a lot of waste, but there is an environmentally friendly solution find conceivable here would be a deposit system or the use of biodegradable materials, but about one loses in the previous sources no word. The description of the existing technology clearly indicates that they also be implemented in other smart phones than the iPhone 6 could.

However, claims to have the Telegraph highly speculative evidence that Intelligent Energy stood with Apple in negotiations, though this purpose are no confirmations. If so, that could mean that the technology would at least temporarily an exclusive iPhone gimmick. Then is to be hoped that the manufacturers of Android smartphones conjure a comparable or better technology out of the hat, but more on that we have no testimony before.

For the time being we have the fuel cell for the smartphone so under “curiosities “or the” good thought badly done “filing, it is clear that we need a paradigm shift in the field of battery technology if we want real maturity gains. And thanks to great-sounding approaches such as this, we will succeed sooner or later hopefully.


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