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Despite problems: Trulli will not go back to year 1 technology –

16th August 2015 – 10:02 clock

Talking yes go, no: Jarno Trulli in discourse with Jacques Villeneuve


( – After a disappointing debut season in Formula E Team had Trulli all hopes in the new drive inserted for the second season, but so far, preparations turned out to be extremely problematic. The team was the only one before the official test at Donington not walk on their own on the track, and also the test launch this week fell into the water.

Actually, the team wanted the first time the new drive with the Williams-battery connect, but Jarno Trulli was on the British racetrack neither on Monday nor Tuesday for a spin, which left behind has let fall his team again. “We have decided to postpone trips to conduct further analysis and to avoid major problems,” said team boss Lucio Cavuto over ‘Current e’.

Trulli problem is that the test calendar with only six days barely opportunities. If the team’s new technology not get ready for the race, one would have to rely on the model of the first season, with the one but big problems had . But for team boss Cavuto of retrogression is not a possible option. He expects even that more teams will get into trouble yet. “The value of this season will probably be visible only after three or four races,” he said.

Trulli is not however the only team that did not come to ride in testing at Donington. The Andretti team with Simona de Silvestro stayed several times and are able to set any timed lap, and even the champion team NextEV saw the garages on the British slopes mainly from the inside


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