Friday, August 21, 2015

TASKING compiler technology free for testing – ElektronikPraxis

Altium Limited has announced Infineon TASKING embedded software development tool for. The tool provides a complete development environment for TriCore / AURIX microcontrollers available.

The tool is part of an update of the TASKING compiler for TriCore / AURIX and includes new features and improvements for the development of automotive applications.

the TASKING Lite Edition VX-toolset for TriCore includes a license for one year and can be requested on the Infineon web site or the TASKING website.

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The toolset includes AURIX Configuration Tool (ACT) with:

“We were often for a quick and easy way asked to be able to take advantage of the TASKING compiler technology also at the AURIX microcontrollers from Infineon, “said Harm-Andre, TASKING product manager.

“Our partnership with Infineon, we have developed a free toolset that provides developers of embedded software full advantage of the TASKING TriCore compiler with no compromise in terms of features and performance.”

For more information, see the Lite Edition v1.0r1 Release Notes.


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