Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Researchers marvel: Thanks “yolk-shell technology”: This battery recharges in … – ABC Online


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Smartphones can do almost anything these days. Your battery power, however, has hardly improved in recent years. Researchers from the US and China have now developed a solution: a solution reminiscent of shell and yolk of an egg


A little surfing on the Internet, answer some emails and even the battery is empty. The batteries of smartphones make usually after one day tired.

Researchers from Massachusetts and Beijing will now have discovered a solution to the problem. You have a new battery technology developed at the nano-particles in the battery, such as an egg are built – with a shell of titanium dioxide and a yolk of aluminum. This forms the anode of the battery.

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Of this report, inter alia, the “Daily Mail”. So far, aluminum was used as material in lithium-ion batteries used sparingly, because a rapid power loss is imminent. This is according to researchers now through Titandioxod shawls prevented by the aluminum. In addition, the cover protects the aluminum from the electrolyte in the battery.

With this new technology, the capacity of a battery can in comparison to today’s lithium-ion batteries, which use graphite, quadruple. In addition, leaves The battery according to the scientists in six minutes to charge fully once. Despite the speed loading the capacity of the batteries remains twice as high as in current models.


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