Monday, August 31, 2015

Evonik inaugurates new facilities at Marl Chemical Park with innovative technology –

Evonik Industries has taken the Marl Chemical Park new production facilities for C4-based products in operation. In the presence of North Rhine-Westphalia’s state premier Hannelore Kraft and Klaus Engel, CEO of Evonik Industries, they have been officially inaugurated. The Marl production expansion is part of a Europe-wide capacity expansion for C4-based products, in the Evonik total a three-digit million invested € amount.

heart of the new facilities at the largest site of Evonik is the with about 90 meters maximum and highly visible column of the specialty chemicals company. It stands for a new technology that makes the world’s first special material streams from refineries for the C4-Chemistry usable. are delivered these from the adjacent BP refinery in Gelsenkirchen

Klaus Engel, CEO of Evonik said.. “With the extensions of our C4 capabilities will strengthen our market position sustainably The new technology for the supply of raw materials plant in Marl and the excellent cooperation with BP also show once again how highly innovative and able to cooperate, companies in the Ruhr area are. Therefore, it continues to provide a strong industrial base in the region . type “

Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft: ” The state government evaluates these major investment of Evonik as a clear commitment to the Marl chemical site and the industrial location of North Rhine-Westphalia total That pleases us because it is the. Chemical industry in NRW, with its approximately 100,000 employees strengthens. And it makes it clear that NRW with its production conditions can compete in international competition if it further exerts himself. “

In addition to expanding in Marl Evonik has also invested in Antwerp in the C4-activities. The corresponding investments had been hit there in the second quarter 2015th Overall, the new productions lead to an expansion of capacity for the plasticizer alcohol isononanol in Marl, for butadiene in Antwerp and for the fuel additive MTBE (Marl and Antwerp). Johann Caspar Gammelin, CEO of Evonik Performance Materials GmbH, said, “We support you with our investment the growth plans of our customers in Europe and worldwide According to market analysis of the global demand for these products will increase by up to. five percent a year. “

Technological milestone in Marl

With the Marler plant, Evonik also has a technological milestone. Through a worldwide new method FCC C4 streams for the production of a wider portfolio of chemicals are now available. Gammelin explains: “With the new technology, we are expanding our resource base significantly you allow us to access previously untapped for chemical processing in commodity flows..” An important source for the production of petrochemical raw materials is not yet the so-called steam cracking or Naphtacracker. Worldwide, there are, however, significantly more than the FCC cracker steam cracker.

FCC stands for Fluid Catalytic Cracking. With the help of this process transform heavy crude oil refineries constituents in fuel components. In Fluid Catalytic Cracking falls, among others, a C4 stream which contains the usable for chemical processing components (olefins) other accompanying substances. Therefore, the chemical industry has this FCC C4 stream not yet used.

solving skills of Evonik

Evonik is now a combination of specially developed and newly purchased technologies able to use this stream from the refinery. The Challenge consisted primarily, any further processing disturbing accompanying substances from the FCC C4 stream separate. The new technology includes various chemical reactions and absorption techniques that enable efficient and flexible at the same time process. To Using the 90-meter column which for the chemical company less attractive saturates (butanes) from the FCC C4 stream are removed in order then for Evonik valuable unsaturated C4 compounds (butenes) further processed to specialty chemicals.

Double benefit: innovation and cooperation in the Ruhr area

The FCC C4 stream refers Evonik via pipeline from the BP refinery in Gelsenkirchen, 15 kilometers from the Marler Location <. /> b> As the remaining butanes for refinery Scholven are a valuable raw material, passes Evonik these piped back to Gelsenkirchen. “The now completed project highlights the importance of refined petroleum products for the value chains of chemistry. It is a good example of the competitive strength strengthening inter-enterprise cooperation”, so Frédéric Baudry, Member of the Board of BP Europe SE and responsible for the petrochemical business of the company.

Evonik has long been a leading global provider of C4-based products such as butadiene, MTBE, isobutene, 1-butene, INA (isononanol) and 2-PH (2-propyl heptanol) and DINP (diisononyl ). For Evonik operates integrated large-scale plants for the processing of C4-commodities. The company provides its customers with extensive logistics expertise and an excellent global service network.

The Group

Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world. More than 33,000 employees generated sales of about € 12.9 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of about € 1.9 billion in fiscal year 2014th


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