Friday, July 31, 2015

Heisenberg XF1: Premium eBike with new BMW i-Unit swing – Mobilegeeks

If by BMW i is the speech, a first come the BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 to mind. From the BMW sub-brand but come not only lightweight and environmentally friendly electric cars, one also sees itself in the role of an incubator for innovation, who penned for example a patent for a system Unit Swing dates, which were approved for external use. In addition now you are looking forward to Berlin at the HNF GmbH that wants XF1 establish a new premium eBike with the HNF Heisenberg and the first time now the BMW i-technology is used in the form of said Unit swing. Together with the BMW Group Research and Technology HNF has this patent can now bring to series production.

It is in this Unit swing to a completely new frame technology for full suspension eBikes with central engine. The previously obligatory chain tensioner thereby falls away completely and the combination of rear suspension and the carbon belt drive according to BMW promises exceptional driving and handling characteristics. The following benefits called the company:

Advantages of 4-joint-Unit swing for the HNF Heisenberg XF1

  • mid-engine and balanced weight distribution
  • Maintenance-free belt drive with gear hub gears
  • High frame stiffness
  • no pedal kickback
  • Grip and traction in every situation, since no stiffening of the rear triangle
  • possibility for realizing a modular drive system
  • Design freedom for mainframe

I still will appreciate that a resonating engine in the middle of eBikes advantages over a totally rigid engine has, however, since leaving me then even my technical knowledge to half eBikes. Therefore, I refer you at this point in the press release of ( here the PDF file ), in their operation of the new technology gets explained clearly well-founded, as I could play it here .

eBike with bmw-i Triebsatzschwinge2

Alternatively, you can you, of course, the HNF Heisenberg XF1 directly on the Product Page View and then decide whether the bike maybe is just right for you. There, you then also that you can purchase the eBike from the autumn, initially in a special Launch Edition:

To Launch Edition of another set of very stylish bike gloves with HNF Heisenberg Logo and Launch XF1 belongs Edition T-shirt, which is signed at the request of Kalle Nicolai and Michael Hedges. The edition number is attached with a discreet, engraved plaque on the bike. Not yet on the market that is a collector’s item, which is achieving increasing values ​​in later years in the Launch Edition.

Who so pull XF1 with its innovative propulsion unit rotating equipment today is a part of the country want, which has the classic bike no longer care much about, of course, must also intervene little deeper into their pockets: At 8,345 euros the fun begins, but you get the wheel but then also ready to drive directly to the front door comes after it is assembled only after your job – you have to wait so so or including so. However, this waiting period is likely to be worthwhile, because with the HNF Heisenberg XF1 urges an absolute premium eBike on the market -. Not only, but also thanks to the BMW i-Technology


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