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Algorithms for energy transition: Salzburg AG relies on new technology … – SolarServer

The energy supply industry is changing: more and more small power plants and private feed electricity from photovoltaics, wind and biomass into electricity grids a. This not only provides the networks with new challenges, but also the utilities, the need to respond with new products on the rapidly changing situation in the energy markets in order to remain competitive.

The Salzburg AG (Austria) relies on new technology solutions by the Austrian start-up company’s cyber grid GmbH (Klosterneuburg / Vienna) which should allow for a flexible and cost-effective integration of distributed power generation.

technology as a basic instrument of the energy revolution in smart grids

“Demand Response Management System” and “Virtual Power Plant” (VPP) are technical solutions to the state of Salzburg pave the way in the energy autonomy.

“This new technology will prevail in the next two to three years as a basic instrument of the energy revolution in smart grids,” says Cyber ​​Grid CEO Reinhard Korsitzke. , Apart from the technical performance of the system was decisive for the Salzburg AG and the experience and flexibility of cyber Grid Teams as well as the possibility of participation of future product developments.

bundling in the virtual power plant; Internet Renewable Energy

In the first phase of the project the cyber grid system will combine renewable energy by many small power plants and generating capacity to a virtual power plant. Performance-wise, it corresponds to a conventional power plant and can be similarly controlled. The so bundled energy can be sold to the energy markets.

In the planned second phase for autumn industrial loads and generators are integrated into the mix of the already controlled small power stations. The system is comparable to an “Internet for renewable energy,” say the inventors.

13/07/2015 | Source: Cyber ​​Grid GmbH; Graphics: Salzburg AG | © Heindl Server GmbH

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