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Autonomous weapon systems “Science has the technology for long in … – Germany Kultur

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 2″: self-combat robots could soon be in reality. (Dpa / picture alliance / dpa-film)

In an open letter Scientists warn of the dangers of independent combat robots. One of the signatories is Wolfgang Bible – one of the founders of Artificial Intelligence in Germany. We talked with him

It sounds like in the “Terminator” films. In the near future could be used which decide independently whether they kill a human being or not in the war fighting robots. Before such scenarios now warn renowned scientists from around the world in an open letter. The signatories also include the computer scientist Wolfgang Bible from the Technical University of Darmstadt, he is considered a pioneer in the research field of Artificial Intelligence in Germany.

Bible urges convention to outlaw fighting robots

“Our concern is to inform the society on: Fits as might come a little, let’s apply this technology rather for something better, “the researchers said in an interview with Germany Kultur. The science has the technology for autonomous weapons systems “already in the bag,” says the Bible. Now it is about the question of the application. The military is very interested in such systems. In addition, the risk that such weapons falling into the hands of terrorist organizations such as the IS there. Thus Bible calls for an international convention to outlaw these weapons systems

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