Thursday, July 30, 2015

Furnace technology of the future: Baking with ultrasound – German Turkish News

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bakeries could bake their bread in the future by using ultrasound. A signal generated by sound waves aerosol of water should lead to significantly higher product quality. The technology could save energy, time and money when cooling and fermentation process.


Baking is energy-intensive. That affects not only the environment but also your wallet Baker. The research project NanoBAK2 developed about a climate chamber that reduces the energy demand, which is produced by the fermentation, cooling and moistening of pastry. . They also state that the new method, the product quality significantly improved, so the manufacturer

The technology behind it is based on ultrasound: water is made to oscillate, thereby smallest droplets in relation to the introduction into the fermentation or cooling chamber and spread evenly. This moisture distribution in the room allows the production of baked goods with a constant product quality. The new method extends the freshness of the product and also promotes the shine, the volume, the windowing and the crunchiness and crispness.

"The use of NanoBAK2 technology, the energy requirements for the entire fermentation process by 30 percent are reduced as compared with conventional technologies. The baking time can be shortened so that, or the introduced thermal energy can be reduced. Thus, for the bakery, an economic and an ecological benefit, "says Markus von Bargen, Technical Director at the Institute of Food Technology and Biotechnology Department at ttz Bremerhaven. The technology is already used in practice by project partners and can also be integrated into existing plants in operation

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