Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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  • The technology manufacturers Intel and Micron have developed a chip, which is 1000 times as fast as the fastest currently available storage disks.
  • The new technology is the result of ten years of research. The chips will hit the market next year.
  • The precise functioning and the material of the chips, the developers have not provided information.

The race lasted for years, and the goal is: Who will be first to develop computer chips that help the whole industry finally progresses a big step. The problem: The amount of data is growing so fast that conventional memory are simply too slow to shovel data to the main processor, where they are processed

The chipmaker Intel and Micron appear in this contest where. it also comes to billions of dollars to outsell. The two companies presented on Tuesday a new technology for memory chips in front, grows with impressive capabilities: 3D X Point, spoken Crosspoint, is a factor of 1000 faster than the fastest memory disks that you can put in computers today. And not only that, he also holds 1000 times from more traffic and can build ten times smaller while still finished at a reasonable cost. More than ten years have Intel and Micron research on the subject that was most difficult to find the right materials, said Rob Crooke, vice president of Intel.

The chips are already being produced

Because with 3D X Point, the two companies developed an entirely new class of computer memories. The difference: While trapped or released electrons in conventional technology and transistors as their state between two states one of the buttons, 0 or 1, the characteristics of all the material change in the new technology

To what material they are about to betray the two Companies just as many other details. One thing is certain: “The chips are already being produced in our factory in Utah,” said Ken Furnanz, who worked from Germany on 3D X Point development team. “The chips are real, towards the end of the year, we will deliver the first pattern, 2016, the first products to end customers.”

And what can be do with it? Had Apple held the presentation, visitors would have been emotionally packed and enthusiastic about inspiring videos. With Intel and Micron, the technology-heavy manufacturers, everything took very sober from – but the potential of new technology should not be underestimated. The first chips are able to store 16 gigabytes of data, a common size for smartphones. A smartphone with a thousand times faster memory – it would be a high-performance computer

The provider of Big Data solutions will be particularly interested in any case.. It is precisely here it all depends on large amounts of data as quickly as possible to the processor and to provide back again. Only in this way can be made of the data mountains that grow with almost frightening speed, are obtained almost in real-time information. Who’s good increases his chances considerably, in the data-driven world of the future to survive as a company.

To the material make the manufacturers a secret

As the new technology works exactly, to Intel and Micron have betrayed not too much – too offer to the competition no targets. This much at least is clear: The individual memory cells consist of a single piece of the mysterious material, they are connected via metal bridges. The special thing about it: While in the prior art memory cell can be addressed only in blocks, here can be individual cells Select

Other companies are researching storage technologies that can keep up with the frantic growth of data.. Hewlett Packard about pursuing a technique called memristor, which would be even faster than 3D X Point is, so far, however, not gone beyond the laboratory stage. Even the best technology must be even eventually be ready for the market, otherwise the moment of competition.


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