Saturday, July 18, 2015

New technology to make SIM cards independently of providers … – Computerworld

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According to a report in the “Financial Times” (read only account), wants the industry association GSMA Next Year introduce a SIM card that is provider-independent. The technology is called eSIM (embedded SIM). These SIM cards should be possible to switch via radio to a new provider. That would mean for customers to not have to pay roaming charges more because you just in Germany could switch to the network of T-Mobile, for example as a Sunrise customer. In addition to a change of provider would no new SIM be purchased (at a cost of 40 Swiss francs).

One step in the direction Apple has already made with the “Apple SIM”, but still lacks the Cupertinern supporting the telcos. With GSMA would change that, you are 800 mobile operators in mind. GSMA is currently with Apple and Samsung in negotiations on the eSIM and is obviously optimistic that we can reach an agreement.

At the GSMA members include Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom. On request of Computerworld wrote Salt, that there would be ongoing discussions in this regard with OFCOM and the other party, the details and the time frame would however only evaluated. Swisscom responds interested in eSIM and therefore with several manufacturers to be in contact. The standardization of the technology is not yet complete, so you just watch the situation and was preparing. Sunrise writes that their knowledge to present an introduction of eSIM in Switzerland is planned. It also raises the question of how far a eSIM changing telecoms operators really oversimplifying. So should for example the provider if a customer wants to retain its number, this continues to be transmitted to the new provider.




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