Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What to expect today: technology companies disappoint – – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Yahoo makes loss, because Microsoft Nokia also IBM already chronically weak. What comes from technology companies, is not edifying. And Apple also disappointed.

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Beats Apple the hour?

legends live. Life so long, has become to the legend of an old story. One legend is that technology companies are increasingly dynamic, innovative and successful. As in everything gnaws on them also the test of time. They are comfortable, well fed and – obsolete

The show many quarterly balance sheets of recent times.. Why in the world believed Microsoft actually, the assumption of self already overtook Nokia was a good idea? No connection under this number in the smartphone market. And Windows is but already yesterday.

Yahoo writes losses. This was once an Internet pioneer. Ten years ago. Not to mention IBM. So some of the Seventy.

Is it Apple so soon? The iPhone sold continued to perform well. But also from the past decade. If you look, however, at the Watch (hip!), So we are not told exactly what has struck the hour. She was great, says Apple. How great, please? As great as the iPad, whose sales will shrink? At the end probably only remains of the Mac. So what of the Seventy. But we do not paint times the devil on the wall. They at least still

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