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Patent: Microsoft has Nokia’s 3D touch technology developed – WinFuture

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under the name 3D Touch had Nokia for the first time in 2008 Patent application is submitted. Now with the competent American patent authority, a new application from Microsoft has been received, which shows how this exciting technology could evolve.

Gesture control further thought

The 3D touch technology that Nokia has first signed in 2008 for a patent, ensures among other things that smartphones and other touch screen devices can register the finger of the user even before touching the display – Samsung has introduced under the name “Air Gestures” a similar system. As a new patent application shows that on January 3, 2014 the US Patent & amp; Trademark Office has been received and published on July 9 this year, Microsoft has this technology obviously evolved.
 Nokia 3D Touchscreen According to Microsoft patent can even now .. .  Nokia 3D Touchscreen …der angle of the finger detected are As the patent now become known describes it shall be possible with the new system, no longer be able to register only the position of the fingertip across the screen. Rather, it will make the Microsoft developer possible to determine the exact angle of the finger in the space above the touch screen. As Microsoft explained in the application, another point on the finger is monitored to calculate the exact position – is important that its exact position in space is known.


Many applications

As with patents usual Microsoft also describes scenarios where the new 3D touch system could find application. Since the angle of the finger on the touch screen with appropriately equipped devices were known, users could, for example simply to show this feature on content, that this must not necessarily located directly under the fingers. Based on this new input values ​​then parts of the user interface could be adapted according to the current finger position and posture.

Since the patent was filed already in 2014, can not be estimated currently, whether Microsoft will integrate the technology described in new devices, or the development of 3D touch technology has since possibly even come to a complete standstill. The technique described could extend touchscreen devices definitely a few useful input options. The entire patent application can the US Patent & amp; Trademark Office be consulted. Microsoft, patent, display, 3D Touch Microsoft, patent, display, 3D Touch Microsoft


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