Friday, July 17, 2015

Technology Partnership: Germany and China want to cooperate more closely – Financial

Beijing ( – Germany and China want to cooperate more closely in the development of advanced technologies for the industry. To kick off his two-day visit to China, signed Economic Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Tuesday in Beijing an agreement with the Minister of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), Miao Wei. Thus, the “innovation partnership” between the two countries should be fleshed out, Gabriel said.

At the core is the digital networking of industrial production under the slogan “Industrie 4.0″ and to the Chinese initiative “Made in China 2025 “, which the country wants to modernize its economy. The Chinese Industry Minister Miao spoke of a new stage of cooperation with Germany.

earlier concerns have been logged due to lack of data security in Berlin. In the initiative is now expressly the has intellectual property protection and the “guarantee the safety of the data of enterprises’ with added. Also companies should not be forced to transfer of technology.

edged the visit to China by Gabriel of the new security laws in China. These provide for foreign companies for unrest. The Beijing bill provides a closer check on traffic, and even a shutdown of the Internet in an emergency. Even fear companies to be excluded from the market, if you are not installing loopholes in software and disclose program code.

China is the main trading partner of the Federal Republic outside the European Union. In further talks in Beijing it is to go to a better market access for German companies and the protection of investments.


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