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– In advance of the vehicle production an average of more than 900 virtual assembly processes are simulated and evaluated by means of Virtual Manufacturing <. <- - sh_cad_2!> / p>

– ergonomics specialists at Ford produce virtual data to predict the physical impact of the vehicle.

– Virtual manufacturing technology came as the new Ford Mustang used and the new Ford Edge.

Some 50,000 production employees profit at Ford world of ergonomic research, ultramodern workplaces and useful assistive technology. Prior to the vehicle-production ergonomics specialists create virtual Ford data to predict the physical impact as part of the manufacturing process.

“Because of the nature of their activities are our production staff exposed to various stresses that we have reduced to a minimum, “Allison said Stephens, Technical Leader for Assembly Ergonomics, Ford Motor Company. “In order to protect our employees, we perform data-driven ergonomic tests to optimize production processes.”

For instance, while designers focus on the car look, the expert of care Virtual Manufacturing in very different areas – the feasibility of the design and the safety of employees on the production line. Even two or three years in advance of a new product launch simulate the ergonomics specialists from Ford the necessary processes on the production line with real and virtual test persons. This involves the evaluation of physical work. The aim is the general reduction of fatigue, stress or injury. The collected data flow in the entire technical production planning and enable solutions for optimal protection at work.

Virtual Manufacturing Technology

More than 900 virtual assembly processes are in Prior to the production of a new Ford model average simulated and evaluated. The used for this Virtual Manufacturing technology is based on three essential core elements:

– motion capture provides data on actual movements of employees <- - sh_cad_8!>. Through more than 50 motion capture markers on the arms, the back, the legs and the upper body of the subject around 5,000 data can be collected in order to evaluate muscle strength, joint strain and body balance. A similar technology is used by professional athletes, to improve the techniques of the athletes and to reduce the risk of injury.

– 3D-printing is used to the proverbial handmade in to check the assembly process. Employees with different hand sizes grab 3D printed model tools and model materials. The tests are designed to improve from real production conditions.

– Virtual Reality is used to evaluate movement sequences and for feasibility reviews. For Ford this is a very comprehensive system is used with a total of 23 cameras and body-hugging displays.

“motion tracking technology is used for the assessment of working ergonomics for more than 30 years “Gary Scheirman, vice president for Applications Engineering, Motion Analysis Corporation. “With a more advanced technology, the company Ford can now create an even safer working environment for its employees and still produce better vehicles for its customers.”

results in the use of Virtual Manufacturing- Technology

Virtual manufacturing technology came as the new Ford Mustang to use and the new Ford Edge. By investing in the program, Ford has not only reduce the number and intensity of occupational accidents reached, but also up to 90-percent reduction of ergonomic problems in demanding manual operations, such as difficult-to-install vehicle parts. <-! sh_cad_13 ->

“Our goal is a healthy, safe and productive working environment to our worldwide manufacturing facilities,” Michael Torolski, Ford executive director, Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering said. “The Virtual Manufacturing technology supports our strategy in the fight against workplace accidents and enables early validation of production processes.”

Ford-Werke GmbH

Ford-Werke GmbH is a German automotive company based in Cologne. The company employs at its sites in Cologne and Saarlouis more than 24,000 employees. Since the company was founded in 1925, more than 40 million vehicles were produced. For more information about the products of Ford please visit www.ford.de

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