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Market updates on the Technology Sector – Exclusive reports about sweet … – (press release)

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Today published Market Update its research reports over the SUSS MicroTec AG (ISIN: DE000A1K0235, WKN: A1K023, SMHN), Manz AG (ISIN: DE000A0JQ5U3, WKN: A0JQ5U, M5Z), GFT Technologies AG ( ISIN: DE0005800601, WKN: 580060, GFT), Cancom SE (ISIN: DE0005419105, WKN: 541910, COK), and Nemetschek AG (ISIN: DE0006452907, WKN: 645290, NEM). On Tuesday 21 July 2015, the DAX closed 1.12% in the red at 11,604.8, the HDAX fell by 1.09% to 6113.96 and the MDAX closed at minus 0.89% at 20,928. For the full reports, please register at the specified address below.

– SUSS MicroTec AG – The stock of SUSS MicroTec AG fell by 2.29% and closed on Tuesday 5.93 EUR and swayed on the trading day between 5.93 EUR and 6.18 EUR. The stock reached a trading volume of 0.10 million shares was so under the 50-day and 52-week average volume of 0.12 million and 0.14 million shares. Over the last 3 to 5 days, the stock of SUSS MicroTec AG increased by 3.28% and 6.99%. Over the last 3 months, however, the stock lost 5.35%. The price-to-book ratio (P / B) of the share is 1,18x and so well above the historical brand of 0,77x. The price to cash flow ratio (P / CF) and the price to sales ratio (P / S) currently achieved 6,09x 0,81x or. Register and read the report on SMHN at:


Manz AG

– The share of Manz AG closed on Tuesday 1.90% higher at 76.10 EUR. A total of 0.1 million shares traded and it was so over the 150-day and 52-week average of 0.06 million and 0.05 million shares. Over the last 3 and 5 days, the shares rose to 17.08% and 17.53% and earned over the past 1 and 6 months, a lump-sum total return of 9.14% or 21.02%. Over the last 3 months the stock but a negative return of 16.65% brought. The P / B and P / S ratio of the stock is currently at 2,60x 1,32x or. The complete report on M5Zfinden you in pdf format at:


GFT Technologies AG

– On Tuesday, the GFT Technologies AG shares fell 1.76% to 22.37 EUR. The trading volume of the stock was 0.11 million shares and so below the 50-day moving average of 0.12 million, on par with the 150-day average volume. GFT Technologies AG put in last month 22.84%, in the last 6 months at 72.08% and 82.13% since the beginning in order to. The P / B ratio is 5,25x and so well above the historic P / B of 3,26x. The ratio of P / E, P / S and P / CF is currently at 27,55x, 1,51x and 17,82x. Register for free and read the complete market update and the latest reports on GFTunter:


Cancom SE

– The shares of Cancom SE rose on Tuesday by 0.17% and closing at 35.21 EUR. They reached a trading volume of 0.13 million shares was so similar to the 52-week average volume. The market value fluctuated between 35.00 EUR and 35.97 EUR. Over the last 3 to 5 days, the share price rose by 0.28% and 0.63%. CANCOM SE shares earned in the last 3 and 6 months, a negative total return of 9.99% and 3.15%. The current dividend yield is 1.42%. The stock trades at a P / E ratio and P / B ratio of 27,90x or 2,76x. The historical P / E and P / B values ​​are 29,58x or 2,85x. To see the full report on it COKgibt free at:


Nemetschek AG

– The share of NEMETSCHEK closed on Tuesday 1.26% lower at 36.08 EUR. The trading volume of securities reached 0.11 million shares and was thus above the 50-day and 150-day average volume of 0.08 million and 0.07 million shares. The price fluctuated between 35.61 EUR and 36.95 EUR. The stock is currently trading at a P / E ratio of 42.95 and is thus below the historical P / E of 102.24. The company trades its shares also below the historical P / B ratio of 23,85x currently at 8,93x. Nemetschek AG shares rose in the past month and in the last 3 and 6 months respectively to 31.20%, 29.43% and 71.18%. The detailed report on NEMkann at the following address be retrieved:

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