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Korschenbroich. First convent, orphanage and hospital, nursing home and then eventually Technology Center: The historic rooms in the old building have been widely used. Today in them communication technologies taught. From Marion Lisken-Pruss

Almost 100 years old is the birch which stands in a small park right next to the technology center. Thankfully, a young soldier has planted them in 1917 because it, the sisters of the convent had so well maintained that he recovered again. At that time, the hospital was Glehner 50 years old.

That it was ever built, goes back to an initiative of Franz Arnold Weidenfeld, the landlords of the manor Birkhof. He turned to the 1865 Glehner Kirchenvorstand and hit him a generous endowment before: If the girl from Glehn should be taught by spiritual sisters, he would build a monastery for nuns, says the report of the Church Council. The building should not only serve as a residence, but – as the far-sighted considerations of Franz Arnold Weidenfeld – as hospitals and orphanage. A school where the girls could learn there was not, however. Here the civilian community Glehn created Remedy and agreed to build a school next door. In the fall of 1867, it finally happened: Four Sisters of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ arrived in Glehn. Two of them were teachers, the other two in charge of the housework and nursing. But the monastery was finished as yet: Because craftsmen still came and went, the blessing could only take place on January 8, 1868. The construction costs amounted to 6000 dollars at the time.

In May 1885, the neo-Gothic chapel was inaugurated. Hermann Buchkremer, formerly vice chairman of the parish council of St. Pancras can still remember his time as an altar boy. “At six clock in the morning the Mass was held in the chapel. Then we got a large sandwich and went next door to the school,” he says. In the wall, which is opposite to the altar, falls on a walled niche. “Behind it was the room of the Mother Superior. So she could attend the fair to enter the chapel without need,” explains Norbert Kothen, managing director of the Technology Center. That today modern communications technology is taught in historical rooms, is not a contradiction for him. “The building exudes a special atmosphere in which teaching and learning well succeed,” he says. 117 years long remained the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ in Glehn before the monastery graduated in 1985. The function of the building was determined by time-political events and later by economic considerations: in 1877 granted the Neuss district the concession for a hospital. A Toddlers Bewahrschule matters worse, operating theaters were extended several times and built a new infirmary. The sisters took over the outpatient nursing in the village.

By 1962, the hospital operation ran, then they set up a home for the elderly. That the birch still stands today, the former soldiers would have certainly pleased. In 1971 he came back to Glehn to look after his tree

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