Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Economy – shares New York view: technology values ​​pollute the atmosphere – T-Online

NEW YORK (AFX) – The mix of disappointed expectations of the market heavyweight Apple and weak quarterly figures other technology corporations are likely to weigh on the start of trading on Wall Street. Around three quarters of an hour before the market opening was the futures contract on the Nasdaq 100 at 1.46 percent. The losses in the future on the Dow Jones Industrial fell 0.43 percent moderate.

Three technology giants presented their figures after the market closes on Tuesday and thus decisively set the course for the next trading day. If Apple indeed ensured strong iPhone sales for a strong jump in sales and earnings, the stock was still premarket by slightly more than 7 percent. The expectations of market participants would still higher ground, says LBBW investment analyst Clemens Bundschuh. In addition, Apple vergraulte its investors with a cautious outlook

The competition also saw hazy from:. Microsoft experienced a smartphone disaster and posted a record loss. The acquisition of the mobile phone business acquired from Nokia had the software giant ripped deep into the red. Even Yahoo slipped in the last quarter in the red.

The next technology level not found favor with the investors was, cloud computing specialist EMC. EMC had was slightly exceeded expectations in the second quarter, but had to lower the forecast for the year. The papers became cheaper before start of trading at 1.72 percent.

In the Dow Jones also Coca-Cola are still after its quarterly report worth a look. The soft drink maker had exceeded expectations in the second quarter. Also Boeing surprised with good financial results. In addition, the aircraft manufacturer had announced (local time) a large order from FedEx than 50 cargo planes of the long-range model 767 and a call option for a further 50 of these aircraft on Tuesday night. The Boeing-up papers then before trading around 1.5 percent.

During the day the quarterly season should provide further impetus, as well as the 100 included in the Nasdaq Texas Instruments will present their results. After the market close, the reports of the telecom company Qualcomm and the credit card provider American Express follow.


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