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Vulnerability in car technology Ferngesteuert into the ditch –

vulnerability in car technology

Researchers show how cars from Fiat-Chrysler can chop – if it falls short in terms of safety. Are the driving data centers in danger?

car wreck, from the trees grow

unhackable: ancient Chryler. Photo: AP

FRANKENTHAL taz | At the end of the Jeep Cherokee lands in the ditch. And all this without accident or drunk driving. Responsible instead distinguished scientists who have manipulated the control of the vehicle via radio – with knowledge of the driver

cars same nowadays moving data centers.. Per day a BMW produces 40 gigabytes of data. The data are a prerequisite for the planned driverless control.

The researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek used according to a report the US magazine Wired for her attack a vulnerability, which was also the producer until then unknown. Specially they developed last year a malicious software with which they could attack the vehicle over the Internet.

The Achilles heel appears to be an interface that enables the manufacturer Fiat Chrysler its vehicles connects to the Internet – for the purpose of entertainment, navigation and phone calls. But are not affected, only the Jeep Cherokee, but also other vehicles, even trucks. A total of 471,000 vehicles were manufactured between late 2013 and early 2015, to be vulnerable. Jeeps on the European market its not affected, Fiat Chrysler has also asserted the German Press Agency .

access to the car’s internal computer network

For crosslinking of its vehicles Chrysler cooperates with the telecommunications company Sprint. With his smartphone researcher Chris Miller was a list of vehicles with the GPS locations call -. Including vehicle identification numbers, make, model and IP address

With this information, Miller and Valasek attacked on the software of a chip of the entertainment system on and they wrote to secretly to install malicious code. So they were given access to the car’s internal computer network. This in turn is connected to the wheels, the brakes, the engine and the transmission.

The researchers announced that the US National Security Exhibition “Black Hat” in August parts of their malicious software on the Internet to publish – and reaped for resistance of Chrysler. Imitators would hard to bring it to the scientists nevertheless Chrysler vehicles in distress: First Miller and Valasek want the part to manipulate the chip avoiding the publication and secondly, they have to inform the manufacturer of its findings nine months ago

However, the gap with the help of software has to be filled at your local dealer – to the customers were contacted on 16 July.


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