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3-D technology from the Scanner3-D technology from the scanner – Badische Zeitung

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costs 07. July 2015

With Voxelworld starts a new project with real-life pictures from the company OZ-pressure and Target Media with scanner.


RHEINFELDEN Special memories are usually held on photos. Goes one step further now Voxelworld, a new business that specializes in 3-D technology and on Saturday celebrated opening. Every citizen can now be finished by himself or his pets detailed miniatures. But these figures are only the beginning, the national expansion with other products is planned.

“feed the masses”, saw CEO Michael Medweth to the approximately two dozen visitors who had come for the opening. Because the 3-D technology is not new, but for the city and region a special feature. Is it because the first product, which is called based on the popular self-portraits “my3 D Selfie” lifelike images can be printed. “OZ stands for innovation”, also reminded OB Klaus Eberhardt at the founded in 1966 Rheinfelder traditional company and praised the courage with 3-D printing to set a new trend in the city.

The Company
1996 took the Christian and Michael Medweth Brothers as Managing Director of OZ Printing and Publishing from her father. As managing partner Michael Medweth Target Media is facing, a production agency that provides services related to advertising. With OZ-pressure in Germany and WPS media services in Switzerland Target Media forms a group of companies, the 150 employees employed and 2014 achieved sales of 44 million. In the coming months Voxelworld to be spun off as a start-up.

A year ago he had considered his manager Oliver Cynamon what he wanted to do the next 20 years. After evaluations, the conversation turned to the chances of the 3-D-pressure, have developed great momentum. The study by the market research Nehmes Allied Market Research for 2020 will grow 8.6 billion dollar international market for 3-D printer. How this works, the visitors could show in detail.

From Photo to figure
The heart of the company is 114 000 euro expensive 3-D scanner, which consists of 64 digital cameras. The scanning process takes only a hundredth of a second, as under other OB convinced self-experimentation. A maximum of two people can be photographed at the same time, yet even groups of figures are possible, such as a football team, as Medweth betrayed. Individual characters that are printed layer by layer can be connected to a group. The figures made of plaster ceramic powder look after pressure from still rudimentary, with the help of a solution liquid will be freed from excess plaster, colors also come by the full. Because similarly an inkjet printer can also 3-D variant represent the entire color spectrum. First applications for miniature self-portraits, there are already, on average it takes two weeks to be delivered.

customers develop products
However, the figures are only the beginning. The company name Voxelworld is a neologism of the founders and business partners and to show where this is to be developed: A voxel is a volume pixels, so a 3-D pixel. The “world” in the name stands for the ambitious approach to expand internationally. As a precaution, the company name was protected throughout Europe. The third member is Jens Steffen Galster, responsible for marketing. “Without him, we would not make it,” assured Medweth, pointing to the homepage. This is a webshop from August unlocked can customize predefined models in the customer. Around Christmas tree pendants, other segments (jewelry and accessories) are world designed.

Franchise is planned
The infrastructure, including know-how, Voxelworld can provide franchise partners, ie self-employed entrepreneurs who want to build 3-D printing its own business model. The 3-D scanner is mobile, can be completed within half a day and rebuild it in half a day. “That would be ideal for trade shows, events, award ceremonies and the like,” said Cynamon. Visitors have been considered to document the adolescence of children each year with a figure.

The Company Voxelworld be reached under http://www.voxelworld.info Contact: 07623/964418. The office is in the Peter Krauseneck-Straße 16

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