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MyHeritage unveiled breakthrough technology for global … – OnVista (press release)

New technology eliminates language barriers to help genealogy and storage of Family History

MyHeritage, the pioneer in discovering, sharing and preserving family history, today announced the launch of a new technology, which will help families to break through language barriers in the Genealogy: Global name translation. The new technology automatically and very precisely translated names that appear in historical records and family trees, so finding matches between names is made possible in different languages ​​from one language to the other. In addition, a manual search in one language will also supply results in other languages, which are translated back conveniently directly in the source language. This is a unique innovation that is found nowhere else that is very valuable for all genealogy enthusiasts.

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There are numerous immediate benefits for users. For example: people who live in the US and have Russian roots had earlier search in Russian their ancestors in order to increase their chances of finding appropriate information. The new technology, however, will now allow you to search in English and fully automatically extend the scope to take account of Russia and Ukraine and to present all results at once again in English.

The new technology enhances the already highly successful matching technology from MyHeritage and a bridge over the language gaps. For example, a Greek user who has his pedigree in Greek and families in Israel that revels in its pedigree in Hebrew, now get matches for the two ancient languages ​​Greek and Hebrew, and MyHeritage will show two users, such overlap the pedigrees, so that even more exciting family meeting than ever may occur.

“The global name translation helps the Babel Syndrome cope,” said Gilad Japhet, founder and CEO of MyHeritage. “The world is getting smaller and connected, but information from other countries, mostly hidden for people who do not speak their language. Our mission is to develop the best technologies to enable discoveries in genealogy, for everyone, everywhere. Accordingly, we have set ourselves a very ambitious goal: to tackle one of the biggest hurdles that hinder the research and new discoveries – the difficulty of name to translate from one language to the other. We are very proud to present this solution first and excited about the added value that our users will have of the world “.

MyHeritage has this technology by using a unique research, advanced algorithms and their gigantic, developed multilinguagen and global database of over 6 billion pedigree profiles and historical records. The technology includes first and last name and is able to find not only the names who’ve been discoverable in the past, but also new names. The technology is generic, but also used numerous dictionaries, which were developed by MyHeritage to research for synonyms and nicknames. Therefore, a search for Alessandro will find (Alexander in Italian) and “Саша” – Russian for Sasha, which is a popular nickname for Alexander in Russia

The first version translated name successfully between the following languages: English. , German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian. The next version, which is already being developed will be extended to include Chinese, Japanese and other languages ​​will follow.

In order to test the new global name translation technology, create a free family tree on MyHeritage and enjoy the automatic matches or use Super Search – the search engine for historical records MyHeritage

MyHeritage is the pioneer in discovering, sharing and preserving family history.. As a technology pioneer and innovator in this area, is the goal of the conversion of MyHeritage family history in an activity that is accessible, exciting and fulfilling. His worldwide community has access to a huge collection of historical records, the most diverse international pedigree collection and groundbreaking search and match technologies. Trusted by millions of families, MyHeritage offers an easy way to share your story, your past and your present and to preserve them for future generations. MyHeritage is available in 42 languages. View

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