Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Government funding green technology green roof with KFW … – Giessen Gazette

(BGL) Green roofs are increasingly becoming a recognized part of sustainable design and modern city architecture. Today, the realization is dawning that flat roofs can be converted into green oases. Environmentalists emphasize their value as habitat settlement at a lofty height, as well as their services as water storage, because they relieve the sewage system and simultaneously improve the microclimate in urban areas.

In addition, in the densely populated and largely sealed downtown areas, the need for green areas is particularly high. This explains that green roofs in many development plans shall be set as a compensatory measure for sealed surfaces and that a number of local authorities in Germany also promote green roofs financially.

Scientifically proven

Careful planning and execution assuming the trend towards green oasis on the roof can continue without danger, confirmed in February 2014, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as a result of a two-year research study. Even in economic terms and from the perspective of owners points green roofs. The greening of roofs reduced on hot summer days, the temperature in the city. In addition, a green roof provides thermal insulation. It provides in both winter and summer for temperature compensation in the building. In winter, the green roof acts as a natural insulation layer. According to experts, can thus be up to 30 percent of heating costs. In addition, the green can have a positive impact on the physics. Prove

Studies that the life of a flat roof is extended considerably by a professional landscaping and repair costs are reduced.

promote green roofs

Some cities and municipalities promote the roof and facade greening with financial resources – directly through subsidies or indirectly, for example through reduced wastewater charges. So the owners of green roofs have to pay in many regions significantly less stormwater fees. Homeowners can also take advantage of a nationwide government funding for the installation of a green roof. Under the KfW promotional program “Energy-efficient Refurbishment” the roof has applied since mid-2014 as an eligible activity.

The KfW provides loans directly, but only through other banks. First contact partner is usually the bank. The Bank checks the financing includes the credit agreement with the customer and is liable to KfW for the repayment. Alternatively, owners can take (extensive refurbishment to KfW Efficiency House) in claim of single-family homes and condominiums also grants of up to 5,000 euros (single measure) or up to 18,750 euros. The grants, the owner may apply directly to KfW



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