Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New technology in vascular surgery – Frankfurter Neue Presse


The heart and vascular specialists of urban clinic maximum working with a new technology: the so-called stents, which previously degrade unlike in the body itself. Narrowed or blocked coronary arteries can often cause chest pain or cause a heart attack. To repair them, stents are most often used. That were previously made of metal. Meanwhile, the doctors are stents made of a lactic acid-frame available, which dissolves within two years in the body.

“A possible disadvantage of the previous metal stents could be that one rigid from the vessel a kind pipe makes that no longer expand or may contract, “says Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Hink, head of the Department of Internal Medicine 1 Cardiology, Angiology and conservative intensive care. However, this support function for the vascular wall is often after a healing process not permanently required. The new stents from lactic acid scaffolds are – as well as certain metal stents – coated with drugs that prevent restenosis

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