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electric light is now ubiquitous: From the first light bulb up to the present, extremely efficient light-emitting diodes using this electromagnetic radiation in the visible region has been continuously revolutionized – and the development has not yet arrived at its end. Today we use the light in various ways in different disciplines. But the easy access to the generator technology also has its downside: The so-called light pollution obscures our view of the starry sky – and confused nature in many ways. Our compact as the International Year of Light in 2015 therefore represents not only the current state of research and technology, but also deals with the problems posed by our excessive use of bulbs with it.

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 Blue LED

There will – blue light

Persistent semiconductor researchers revolutionizing lighting systems.

light pulses

Switch with light flashes

Electronic signal processing is getting faster. However, engineers come gradually to technical limitations. A possible solution is offered by ultrashort laser pulses.

wave and particle property of light

contrasts of light combines

A nifty trick dispels wave and particle at the same time on an image

 Light pollution in Europe

The ups and downs of light pollution

The light pollution is rising – but not everywhere.

satellite in space

Star Wars is reality dismissed

For a long time as science fiction, laser weapons are now nearing their use – optical fibers make it possible.

 graph as GL & # xFC; hdraht

Graph bulb sheds light on the nanoworld

Researchers have brought very thin strips of carbon glow. The “smallest incandescent lamps in the world” could be used in future in chips or displays.

laser in the laboratory

With a view through the wall

A new technique allows everyone to look through really opaque materials. From looking at the skin medicine and research could benefit.

Frankfurter Br & # xFC; bridges at night

street lighting lets birds sing earlier

Nocturnal artificial light affects the birdsong.

 Portugal at night

East brighter

Light pollution obscures the view of the stars and attracts nocturnal insects into ruin. A German study shows previously unknown details of the light problem.

light particles to leave teleport into space soon?

light particles disintegrate after three years

How old are particles of light? Or they have the “eternal life”? Heidelberg astrophysicists have now calculated the potential lower limit of life expectancy.

 Flederm & # XE4; use foraging

careworn by the Light

Light pollution is a problem not only for astronomers alike. The Wildlife Suffers as the bat researcher Daniel Lewanzik told.


Laser Show

” Year of Light “

9 Milestones of light research

fascination of an everyday phenomenon: light and its applications are more present and more important than us is aware.


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