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The land of worriers ?: Study: This technology is not a nation … – ABC Online

Thursday, 07.30.2015, 10:37

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An international study with respondents in 22 countries showed once again that the Germans are looking at technological developments that affect their data with great skepticism. When it comes to cloud storage, they are even the most skeptical people of all.

External HDD, DVD or USB flash drive no longer is needed for storage of information absolutely. Photos, music and other data can also be stored on the Internet on the computers of companies. But many German are hesitant with such cloud services. The Germans are a new study, by international standards the most skeptical when it comes to data storage on the Internet.

While Mexicans, Brazilians, Turks and Chinese could no longer do without the data storage on the network, half of the respondents in this country believes that they do not need such services. This according to a survey of consumer researchers Nuremberg Gfk. The researchers had it interviewed more than 26,000 Internet users in 22 countries

Expert:. German consumers very sensitive when data

are data storage services by the technical term “cloud” refers to the Internet, where music , photos or videos will not be stored on your own computer, but in large data centers. Users can through the Internet from different devices and mobile access to their data. In addition, computer programs and apps that are provided from the Internet, known as cloud services.

“German consumers are very sensitive when it comes to their personal data and their security”, says the GfK expert Robert usury. However, this does not mean that really deny German consumers this way.

Every other Mexican place the cloud important

For the study, Internet users were asked to indicate how important it is for them , store their data virtually and access to. 31 percent of respondents said that the cloud is important for them. Contrast, about 18 percent were not of this opinion.

Especially popular are cloud services in Latin America, China and Turkey. In Mexico such deals are absolutely necessary even for the half of the respondents. Even Brazilians, Turks and Chinese were 44, 43 and 40 percent support more open than people in Germany.

German particularly skeptical

As a rather unimportant, however consider the issue especially Canadians, Australians and Sweden. In the online data storage 39, 37 and 34 percent of consumers could do without here.

The Germans stand here particularly pointed out. Half of the respondents in this country does not believe that cloud services for personal data storage are necessary

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