Friday, April 3, 2015

Xiaomi: Next Smart Tape should brush across one-touch mobile payment technology … – Mobilegeeks

Xiaomi is at least since the publication of his Mi band also successfully Wearables segment arrived and accurately with such a smart band is planning the company his next big hit. According to a Chinese online publication, the next-gen Xiaomi Smart band will launch a mobile payment technology, which is expected to offer its users a more secure and convenient payment option.

Xiaomi Mi band

Huami (a Chinese start-up which at Xiaomis Fitness Wearables works) stated that the company recently signed a strategic cooperation in Alipay is received, to jointly promote the development of a portable device with a modern one-touch payment system for Xiaomi.

How is this all work? Well, if the user of such a smart band comes into the range of “Alipay terminal”, the built-in one-touch payment system is automatically activated and provides a direct connection with Alipay. Using this technology it is possible to make payments directly through the Smart band.

But to carry alone the only smart band around the arm of course, not enough to make a payment. What is needed is to a smartphone (with Bluetooth) and the appropriate Alipay application. If, therefore, in this way the product is paid, the smart band is connecting via a Bluetooth connection with your phone to verify the user’s identity. Once the owner’s identity was confirmed authorized the Alipay app that Xiaomi Smart tape, make a payment via Alipay client.

Xiaomi Smart band Payment System 2 Xiaomi Smart band Payment System 2

Huami further said that the payments are covered by a specific verification technology and encryption measures to misuse of this payment system to prevent and that each user receives their own personalized identification of Alipay.

Such mobile payment technology is of course nothing new, as many other big names in the technology sector already offer such a feature. The big difference will probably be that such a product of Xiaomi will be a lot cheaper than the leading competition

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