Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Technology “Life Paint”: Light Spray Volvo makes cyclists better … – ABC Online

In the UK, over 19,000 annually cyclists are involved in an accident. Many feel especially at night no longer safe on the roads. Volvo has developed a new product to allow more road safety.

“Life Paint” is a reflective color on the bike helmet and clothing can be sprayed. Invisible in daylight unfolds the color in the dark, a bright illuminating. Brand new, the technology is not, however, there is the spray of transparent adhesive, reflective microspheres and LPG and is thus similar products used in medical, clinical area. The color is certainly well-tolerated, easy to wash and is visible for about a week after the application.

“The best way to survive an accident is not to have” is the motto of Volvo. With the help of “Life Paint”, the company hopes a marked decline in accidents in Great Britain, where cyclists come to harm.

At the moment, the spray can in six selected stores in Kent and London can be purchased now. If successful, the product Volvo is planning an international marketing of “Life Paint”.


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