Friday, April 10, 2015

Japan-US business Internet computer technology: Japanese Apple … – THE WORLD

Japanese art fans as some of the first customers worldwide tried the computer clock Watch from Apple. Dozens prospective waited at low temperatures for hours before an Apple store in the capital Tokyo, to the store in the morning opened its doors. Individually were customers to “try-on” of the device taken – they could take the watch but not Apple supplies the watch until April 24 from

The SmartWatch works in conjunction with Apple’s iPhone. Users can query on the square display the clock, among other e-mails or look on road maps for directions, they can make calls, read the news and listen to music. The payment service pay Apple the computer clock is also a kind of electronic wallet. A central element of health and fitness applications that can, for example, measure the pulse

Since this morning customers in nine countries -. Apart from Japan, including in Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States – Pre-order online the clock. The cheapest model costs 399 euros, the luxury version in yellow or rose gold is to have from 11,000 euros.

Technology Experts believe that the so-called wearables, so networked accessories, as a market with great potential. The market research firm IDC expects that this year more than 45 million of these watches, bracelets, or Eyewear sold, more than twice as many as in 2014. But the Apple Watch should go around 15.4 million times via the charging bar this year, estimates the Market research firm Strategy Analytics.

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