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Construction of an unmanned aircraft system using AM technology and tuyere … – 3Druck.com

The aim of the joint project of the company FLYING- CAM and CRP Technology was the construction of a UAV helicopter named SARAH (Special Response Automatic Aerial Helicopter).

In the seventies FLYING CAM invented the concept of Aerial view at close range. Since then, the company plays with the award-winning Model Flying-Cam II forefront with in the film industry. In the next generation system Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH FLYING-CAM is now more than ever innovation leader.

The platform Flying-Cam 3.0 SARAH is an electrical, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL, Vertical Take Off and Landing) unmanned aerial system (UAS Unmanned Aerial System) with a total weight of 25 kg and a flight time of 30 minutes, with a payload of 5 kg. Behind the acronym SARAH hides the name “Special Response Automatic Aerial Helicopter”. SARAH combines an efficient aerodynamics, innovative flight procedures and modular interchangeable payloads in a mobile unit that is ready in no time and enables 3D image Partly cloudy with an unprecedented centimeter-level precision.

The SARAH project is now in the production phase. The Spanish Centre for Aerospace FADA-CATEC has taken its first SARAH systems in reception who come for the management of air traffic, the aeronautical research, and technology and development projects in partnership with Boeing, EADS and AIRBUS MILITARY apply. For the customer, only a two-week training was needed to control the entire system. FLYING CAM is dedicated to the construction of top-quality products that stand the test well in practice. Each SARAH system is the result of a rational approach based on known principles KISS (many basic components of Just Enough Essential Parts, dt. Just as necessary) (Keep It Simple Stupid, dt. Do it as simple as possible) and JEEP.


In the field of light UAS SARAH applies with a total weight of 25 kg including payload as currently the most advanced technology product. It is easy to use, equipped with a maintenance-free drive and an innovative automatic FLYING CAM control system is patented and can make especially high precision day and night scenes in real time, which is the core competence of FLYING-CAM.

The platforms SARAH are replacing systems that place more weight on the scale and cause higher costs. The class up to 25 kg also subject to less strict rules than the heavier platforms, which reduces operating costs additionally lowers.

For the system applications include management of blue light inserts, surveillance, defense and film and television productions in ENG and EFP area.

The cooperation with CRP Technology

In association with CRP Technology is FLYING-CAM on the data-definition = “explanatory-dictionary-definition-29″ SLS technology (Selective Laser Sintering) switched. This not only speeds up the iterations and shortens production time, but also simplifies serial production and custom-tune the platform
main components of the Flying-Cam, made with Additive Manufacturing and tuyere materials.

  • fuselage structure
  • Air cooling system
  • tail
  • terminal of the main battery

As the requirements were rapid Prozessiterationen, optimal ratio between structural strength and weight, acceptable result consistency and multifunction capability of the individual element.

CRP Technology impressed with short response times to new requirements, excellent cooperation of its designers and CAD Draughts- and quality products that are manufactured using a patented process.


Wind form

SL composite materials for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
The tuyere materials are in the research and development department. (F & E) of CRP Technology incurred and shall take account of the international market account
For more than 20 years, the primary concern of the Department of Additive Manufacturing of CRP Technology to identify new market needs and to the R & amp;. forward e department so that they are transformed into new materials and services. Continuous innovation guarantees höchstgradige satisfaction of the customer service department and offers the
end customers maximum added value.

The tuyere materials for Additive Manufacturing are coal or glass-fiber-reinforced composite materials that meet the needs of the international market Additive manufacturing wear and aim to achieve originality, innovation, reliability and durability. CRP Technology, a leader in the additive manufacturing, provides an excellent structured customer service, in collaboration with the R & amp; D department received to the requirements and needs of the customer. The tuyere materials for 3D printing guarantee excellent performance and a high degree of prototype definition so that the core concept of the projects can be implemented largely handicap true.


FLYING-CAM is a pioneer in the development and application of unmanned rotary wing aircraft systems for special shots in the film industry. The company was recognized not only by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an Oscar for technical merit, but has also established itself as the undisputed leader in providing advanced short-distance aerial photography. Customers include feature films such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Red Cliff and many others.
For seven years FLYING CAM focuses on the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with rotary wing system. His Aerial Robotic Engineering team is currently on the 3D image intelligence (IMINT, Imagery Intelligence) focused for a variety of uses such as maintenance of public order, national defense, civil defense, information and entertainment industry, with this regard benefits.

FLYING-CAM has head offices in Belgium, the USA and Hong Kong.


The headquarters of CRP Technology is located in northern Italy, more precisely in Modena, in the famous Italian motor Valley, where luxury cars and motorsports have a long tradition and the most prestigious automotive brands to live.

CRP Technology is dedicated to the additive manufacturing for customers from motorsport, aerospace technology and UAV technology , Produces the industry specialist and also distributes composite materials for Additive Manufacturing, called tuyere materials. Each material has superior mechanical properties that make it suitable for various applications.

CRP Technology has extensive expertise in the field of selective laser sintering ( SLS ) for high -Performance applications. The company has worked with renowned racing teams, especially in the construction of parts and components for wind tunnel tests as for racing applications.


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