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At the World Exhibition in Milan Israel shows its expertise in the fields of agriculture and nutrition

30.04.2015 – Andrea M. Jarach  Andrea M. Jarach

As of the Government Berlusconi inherited prestige project is the World Exhibition EXPO 2015 in Milan seen by the local population with mixed expectations and skepticism.

The reason is under investigation for corruption, many not yet completed building projects like a new metro line and broken promises to the Bureau International des Expositions – about the establishment of a European library, the construction of 70 kilometers of bicycle paths and the planting of 40,000 new trees. However, the high pace of production pavilion and the impressive buildings as well as the participation of a total of 147 countries are cause for optimism.

Libeskind is a new district in the making, where many internationally renowned architects make competition on the exhibition grounds. By Daniel Libeskind about come four monumental statues on the local Piazza Italia and the pavilion of Chinese Real Estate Multinational Vanke.

The exhibition theme of sustainable food for the planet sounds like tailored for Italy, which has a high and diverse culinary culture, and especially the seat of two professional organizations is: The UN organization FAO cares about the fight against hunger in the world and the EU authority EFSA about the safety of food.

In particular, Israel Pavilion “fields of the future” will issue to these two aspects much significant expertise. The project by the architect David Knafo will invite on 2369 square meters the visitor on a journey through the agricultural equipment to Israel in the foreseeable future. Even the façade in the form of a giant vertical garden – from 100 percent recyclable materials, 70 feet long and twelve feet high – invites to visit the pavilion.

It reflects the art of “vertical crop cultivation” resist, be saved with the earth and water. As a result, corn, grain and rice for six months to grow. At the entrance actors will interact with the audience while watching movies on the walls to see.

reservoir In the pavilion, the use of digital and satellite technology is shown in upland farming – about the irrigation system developed in the Negev with the artificial reservoirs of Tifrah that desalinated Water can take treated wastewater from Tel Aviv from the basins in Sorek and Shafdan Basin. An area will present the function of the Agricultural Research Station of Hatzeva and the National Seed database of KKL. Finally, the biotechnology knowledge of Israel are told through the restoration of the original grain from biblical times.

In addition, visitors can learn about the modern technological processes in dairies. The rest is not too short: Available for this are a relaxation area, a terrace overlooking the EXPO skyline and a restaurant

The outstanding knowledge of Israel in the agricultural sector have long been known to the organizers.. EXPO Commissioner Ruggero Gabbai announced that on September 7, 300 representatives of KKL received in Milan City Hall.

Already on March 25, it was agreed in Tel Aviv between the President of the Lombardy Region and Avi Dickstein, KKL-Director of Development, a program that Italian students from the region offers the possibility of a study visit in Israel, to deepen environmental themes. Unfortunately, this agreement was overshadowed by the news that the unknown had smeared in the city center, the flag of Israel on EXPO posters with red paint.

EXPO 2015 1st May to 31st October in Milan, Italy.


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