Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flying drones soon with a radar system? – N24

Radar systems are extremely expensive and bulky. A US company wants to change that. It produces a positioning system that can be easily installed on civilian drones.

The US Company Information Echodyne has developed a radar system that the military could save a lot of cost. With their idea the company wants to produce not only saves space and weight, but also on the civilian drone attack and car market.

Radar systems measure using electromagnetic waves distance to objects. The military uses these instruments, for example, for target tracking and locating enemy positions. Such a system is very large and expensive. Up to $ 100,000, an installation in a fighter jet or a battleship cost

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This will Echodyne now change. They grow a radar system that is small and light enough to mount it on regular drones, the online edition of the “Technology Review”. Metamaterial should play a decisive role. The manmade structure assumes the role of a phase shifter – it controls the direction in which the radar beam is directed. For normally extremely expensive components are required. With metamaterials these costs should be minimized drastically future.

Now Echodyne need only wealthy investors. If you get your idea to market, including self-propelled cars, civilian drones or surveillance systems could with the new radar system will be equipped.


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