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From the very latest technology using in-situ measurement. convinced Trabert Hear Better customer Hubert salvation with Hörakustik Champion Marcus Dürer.


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04/08/15 - COMPANY NEWS

" superlatives special kind "is now the team of Trabert Hear Better after rebuilding its business on Steinweg in Fulda come up: With a high-tech technology now Hörakustik the studio was equipped and has thus a module that applies only to the leader's audio-trained acoustic farms. This technique builds the first time not only to the subjective listening comprehension of the customers, but provides objective results. Given in the fitting process, a so-called in-situ measurement or probe microphone measurement is performed. A small microphone is inserted into the ear canal. The measurement is performed first without and then with the hearing system used. The computer can quickly give precise results about which reinforcement provides the hearing.

From the cutting-edge technology means ...

These explains Andreas Trabert: "This makes it possible for customers to get an objective comparison of different hearing aid technologies and is recognizable also hearing performance, which is implemented in the brain. This in turn allows conclusions about whether can be an auditory training of benefit or a change in the auditory system is necessary, "But not only the latest technology, the Institute has been fitted out. Inviting and generous the bar area is redesigned from the carpet on the walls up to the ceiling sound-absorbing elements were integrated to reduce the volume in the room much and so to improve, uninterrupted communication.

"We've implemented a maximum of structural possibilities to contribute even more effectively to the needs of the hearing impaired invoice can." There is no question that the employees of these sound optimization benefit. Incidentally, all reconstruction measures were implemented within five days up business - albeit one way or another hour of both the employees and the contractors came with it +++



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