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POS Stratus Technologies Partners with Powa and … – OnVista (press release)

Leading Spanish POS providers, in conjunction with next-generation hardware a comprehensive POS solution for iOS and Android


Powa Technologies today announced the integration of POS Stratus, a leading Spanish POS Software for Retail, with its PowaPOS payment platform for retailers. The partnership between the two companies will accelerate the availability of modern, tablet-based POS solutions for retail companies in its home market in Spain and at European level.

“The partnership with PowaPOS positions us perfectly to cover the growing demand for ‘all-in-one’ Tablet POS solutions from dealers all retail areas in Europe, “said Daniel Garcia Howard, CEO of Stratus POS. “The modern, user-friendly hardware and advanced software developer kit (SDK), has given us a fantastic solution that has already attracted wide interest in trading circles.”

PowaPOS is the first point of sale platform, which was developed specifically for tablet-based payments. Thanks to its fully integrated engineering design require no dealer unequal peripherals and more can enjoy an industry-leading easy setup. The platform has a built in thermal printer, 2D QR / barcode scanner, orientation sensor, and the optional PowaPOS cash drawer, all driven by a single cable in a compact format. With the extended PowaPOS SDK is the only tablet-based platform that can be easily integrated with any POS software applications for all operating systems. The PowaPOS Developer Program supports payment devices of third parties, including NFC / Apple Pay devices and PowaTag, the innovative mobile commerce enablement App Powa

“POS Stratus and Powa share a similar vision of the future. The creation of a POS solution that is progressive and accessible across different operating systems. Therefore we welcome the potential to expand the use of tablet POS solutions together in Europe, “stated Frank Landing, SVP and General Manager (GM, GM) for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) PowaPOS from. “With the POS Stratus software have retailers to offer a versatile solution for their business, unique features, such as offer some exclusive Tweet discount, so they can use the mobile technology fully.”

The POS Stratus e -POS technology includes a number of business and marketing functions to help small and medium-sized merchants to make sales and operating efficiently. With the cloud-based solution allows retailers to manage all aspects of their business, payments to inventory management, personnel management to analysis and QuickBooks integration. In addition to the operating functions POS Stratus offers retailers a comprehensive CRM and marketing tools, including Tweet discount, which rewards customers depending on the social outreach and participation. POS Stratus is compatible with various devices and operating systems.

To see the PowaPOS and POS Stratus solution in action, visit POS Stratus in the hall on the occasion of DÍA DE LA PERSONA EMPRENDEDORA EN ANDALUCÍA 2015 (the date of entrepreneurs) in the Andalusian Malaga (Spain) on 29 April 2015th

About Powa Technologies (

Powa Technologies is an international trade specialist, the technologies developed enable a seamless customer experience in each sales channels: online, offline and everywhere. With its next-generation solutions PowaTag, PowaPOS and PowaWeb away Powa the last barriers to immediate global transactions by a revolutionary, immediate payment technology for mobile devices, the first fully integrated tablet POS platform and enhanced cloud-based e-commerce solutions. Essential investment capital has the company’s growth accelerates and attracts the best experts in the industry to develop innovative commerce technology to develop and provide standing on all channels of merchants and brands at the heart of future sales strategies. Powa Technologies is headquartered in London and has offices in New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Miami, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai.

About POS Stratus (

POS Stratus is a young Spanish company that has developed an online cloud-based POS software that helps retailers in achieving what really matters is to sell more, reduce costs and promote customer loyalty. The software is available in English and Spanish and new customers can try free for 30 days.

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