Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Helsinki: Mega Deal: Nokia wants to buy technology competitors – Augsburger Allgemeine

In the telecommunications sector, a mega-deal between two major groups offing. The French government is following the takeover plans by Nokia “very carefully”

It would be a mega-merger in the telecommunications industry. The Finnish Nokia Group intends to its US-French competitor Alcatel-Lucent accept. Between two telecommunications companies already ran “advanced discussions about a possible merger in the form of a takeover bid,” Nokia said on Tuesday. While Nokia shares lost much of its value then, did the Alcatel-Lucent has bounced back. The French government was concerned.

Information about a possible purchase price and backgrounds of its takeover plans initially did not Nokia. The Group also stressed that there is no certainty rule, “that these discussions will result in any agreement or transaction.”





takeover plans: Nokia wants to arm themselves against rival Ericsson

rumors of a merger of Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent there since December. On Monday told the French newspaper “Les Echos” then, managers of both companies were negotiating since January on a partial takeover of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia.

The Finnish company was about ten years, the global leader in mobile phones before the South Korean rival Samsung has overtaken. Nokia sold the division as well as its tablet division finally in April 2014 the US company Microsoft. Most of the time occupied 5.4 billion euros Nokia is still available.

A takeover of Alcatel-Lucent could help the Group mainly in competition with rivals Ericsson of Sweden. Nokia operates among other network infrastructures for Internet and phone provider. . Alcatel-Lucent is a leading supplier of advanced transmission technologies

Experts describe Nokia’s plans as risky

On the stock markets called the takeover plans on Tuesday very different reactions from: The Nokia share lost to the Helsinki Stock Exchange in the morning more than 6.7 percent. The shares of Alcatel-Lucent on the Paris Bourse appealed against the meantime by almost 14 percent. Alcatel-Lucent, created in 2006 from the merger of French Alcatel Group and the US company Lucent, employs approximately 53,000 people. Nokia has nearly 55,000 employees.

Experts described the takeover plans as risky and made a special call to the great difficulties of group mergers. The merger of Alcatel and Lucent itself is seen as a good example, since the merger, the Group made almost every year losses, there were a number of restructuring plans

French government. “Airbus telecommunications could be created”

The French government said on Tuesday they watch the Nokia takeover plans with a view to employment and the locations of Alcatel-Lucent in France “very carefully”. The question is also whether a “globally competitive European Champion, Airbus telecommunications” could be created through the acquisition, said a spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce in Paris. The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is repeatedly named as a successful example of an association of companies. President François Hollande should meet the chiefs of both groups yet on Tuesday afternoon as the Elysée Palace announced. afp

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