Thursday, April 30, 2015

Technology: Mini-robots MicroTug draws 2,000 times its weight – PC Games

Scientists at Stanford University have the presented concept for a mini-robot that can carry large loads. The robot is named MicroTug and can transport two thousand times its own weight.

Scientists from the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab at Stanford University have a presented mini-robot, which can carry two thousand times its own weight. The great innovation are the feet of Mini-robot. These are sticky and stick with it very well what the MicroTug allows chiselling large loads

The inspiration for this comes from nature. Ants and geckos have relative to their body weight large forces. According to the researchers, the secret lies even with them in their sticky feet. When MicroTug which is accomplished through tiny thorns made of rubber, which are attached to the feet of the robot

The sticky anchorage will only be solved if the MicroTug lifting a foot -. Then the rubber spikes are stretched and lose traction. Robots like the MicroTug could be used, among other things on construction sites or in factories. However, the development is not yet at an early stage


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