Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Outsourcing of data: Banks want in the Cloud – Business Week

Manuel Heckel Source: Handelsblatt Online

In the financial sector outsourcing promises of IT to the cloud greater efficiency. However, the demands on service are conceivable in high voltage field security-availability-efficiency.

So like complex technical requirements be – at the end include views of the points in a digital map of Germany. “If everything is green, our customers and we pleased,” says Detlev suit, head of financial computer science (FI), the IT service provider of savings banks. Behind each of the points lies one of the approximately 400 institutions for which the FI is responsible. A green signal represents a stable IT architecture -. Including cloud computing solutions that are more and more used

computing, storage and network capacity not available from permanently installed computers, but outsourced to a cloud that is worth to banks. And so the technology is entering the industry in which IT has a high proportion of the value added. In a recent study of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) among 102 banks indicated 32 percent of respondents said they already have a cloud strategy. A further 62 percent are working on their roadmap towards cloud. A major driver is the cost pressure intensifies during a period of continuing low interest rates for many institutions.

In terms of the actual implementation is the financial industry compared to other industries still in an early phase. The reason: the benefits of cloud computing push much described in this sector with special challenges. Experts believe that the financial IT in permanent tension between security, availability and cost. “IT in the banking industry must now realize more performance for less money,” says lawsuit. “Cloud computing can help there – but we have to make concessions and can not realize all the scales.”

As a service for a variety of financial institutions, the FI can virtualize Although the once-site necessary server at a central location. Nevertheless, the data centers are not optimally utilized. The problem: “We want a true full utilization of machines, but still need barriers to prevent the systems domino effects”, says lawsuit

One approach is to divide into multiple clouds.. Thus systems for ATMs and cash withdrawals at the counter could run separately. At regional infrastructure can be split. The decision of the authority must consider: If the default radius is small, the cost



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