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We put too much faith in technology? – JAXenter

Do we have great confidence in technology? This question arises in the context of technological development (especially in recent decades) again and again. Technology is changing not only our lives, but also changed the way in which companies and other organizations are structured in a sustainable way. Although there are in addition to these successful technologies, more than enough examples of some grandiose failure, a far-reaching confidence in technological solutions is observed.

Object of Research

Where this occurs because, attempted a recent study by the Univesity of Missouri out. As the researchers in “ The Technology Effect: How Perceptions of Technology Drive Excessive Optimism ” Write, the technology has developed to a degree, that individual technologies are not understood by most people but will still be accepted by them, that they work – a reference to the 3rd Clarke’s Law (“. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”) imposes itself formally. In general, researchers have found that people with technology an unconscious idea of ​​success link , which in turn numerous decisions in a variety of areas – including financial and business decisions include – effect . The investigation of this effect is important precisely, the researchers further because technology now permeates virtually all areas of life.

Overconfidence trust

The authors this excessive self-confidence the term “the technology effect” awarded. The cause of the effect of the lead researcher for the most part it back, that people are constantly surrounded by numerous different technologies in industrial societies – reflected in particular by those who work and have proven to be successful. The large number of failed technologies, however, are hidden , which ultimately leads to the fact that basically all technologies a (general interest) is attributed permission.

Apparently, the researchers further trust people even with technologies that they have no experience, rather that deliver on this potential solutions for a wide range of problems. New technologies are as it were automatically classified into a category that you “just work great things – even if I do not know how” with can rewrite. Established technologies that are proven to work well – eg Electricity, solar power, phones – however, call considerably less enthusiasm out and most do not believe that this can lead to new solutions

In some confidence into the innovation of new technologies even to the fatal setting. to afford an unhealthy, self-destructive lifestyle, because anyone so could possibly find a solution for example, caused by drug health problems in the future.

Developing an awareness of the “technology effect”, to realize how our behavior from an exaggerated faith in technology is subtly influenced is thus practically any good to face. A nice side effect could also be that influential decision makers in politics and business in the future regularly seek advice from people who have a real expertise in the technology in question – before far-reaching decisions are made …

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